Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It is Finished


"It is finished!" Blessed statement!
Nothing left for me to do;
Jesus' blood alone provided
Full atonement, life anew

"It is finished!" God revealed it;
Nevermore His wrath to face;
Indwelt now by God's own Spirit;
His alone by sovereign grace

"It is finished!" Love's expression,
In the Son's triumphant shout,
Now, by grace there is acceptance;
In His blood no cause to doubt

"It is finished!" Wondrous statement!
Triumph over guilt and sin
And the birth of life eternal;
Promise of new hope within

It is finished! Blessed utterance
Of the Victor's dying breath;
Through His blood the Son has conquered
Satan, sin, corruption, death

It is finished! My assurance!
Satan's charges cannot stand;
Jesus made eternal payment,
Satisfying God's demand

It is finished! Final victory!
Words that crushed the serpent's head;
Perfect justice, this assuring
Resurrection from the dead.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Summer Christian

School is almost out and Summertime is coming.  Finally, we will have temps in the 90’s, pools warm enough to swim in, tomatoes turning red on the vine (by the way, the pastor loves tomatoes, green are red) bring on the summer!  When I think about summer my mind sees scenes of fun, vacations, and week-end get-a-ways with the family.  Summer is a great time to relax and refresh for the rest of the year. 
Summer is a great time to be a Christian.  Taking the acrostic SUMMER, I would like to challenge you with the characteristics of “Summer” Christians.  A Summer Christian is:

 S = Steady, the summer Christian is constant and trustworthy.  

 U = Uncompromising, the summer Christian is faithful.

I remind you to be faithful in all of your commitments this summer to the Lord.  Tithing is one example of being faithful this summer.   As you plan your summer outings don’t forget to tithe. 

M = Magnify, the summer Christian loves to worship God.

As you choose your summer vacation destination, why not also choose the church that you plan to visit as well.

M = Minister, the summer Christian reaches out to others.

Summer is a great time to be involved in the outreach ministry of your church.

 E = Evangelize,  the summer Christian shares Christ.

Remember, whether you are on the beach or in the mountains, you are a witness for Christ. 

 R = Revival, the summer Christian uses this time to refresh his spirit.
             Read a book or come get a cd of a past sermon to listen to again.

What kind of Christian will you be this summer?

                                                            Bro. Greg