Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Football Idolatry

Here we are again…. In the south and in Football season.
We suit up in Blue and Orange or the Red and White…or whatever color of our favorite team.  It is the discussion at the watercooler, in the restroom, during Sunday School, even in home visit on outreach night. You can hear the flap of car window flags, watch animal tails wag from car trunks, and watch stupid youtube videos.  Weddings are planned and funerals are held up because of game dates.  It is football (SEC football) and nothing is more revered.
We chant War Eagle, Go Dawgs, R*## T@#! (sorry…just can’t say it). We scream, jump, laugh, cry …oozing with raw emotions as we watch our team.  We buy the tickets, we purchase cable sport packages in order to watch our team. Cost is not the question. The weather is not in question. Seating comfort is not an issue (we never sit). It’s  football and a “fan gotta do what a fan gotta do.”  We pull for them during the hard times and enjoy the thrill of victory. But win or lose we love the team.  There are no fair weather fans!
What bothers me is that we don’t always take that same attitude into worship.  Church has become “What have you done lately for me?”  If the preacher, choir, musicians, or teachers don’t perform to our liking then we will just go somewhere else.  Where’s the loyalty?  Where is the commitment?  Where is the passion?
·         If the people around you know your favorite team, but they don’t know your Lord—there is a problem.
·         If you leave the game worn out from yelling, clapping, and pulling for your team with everything you have, but get bored in church—there is a problem.
·         If you arrive early for the game, cook and fellowship with family and friends, and stay until the last moment, but get to church at the last moment and leave at the first moment—there is a problem.
·         If you pay large amounts for tickets and love the thrill of overtime, but give little to the church and get mad if it goes beyond an hour—there is a problem.
I could go on and on, but let me just tell you the problem—it is idolatry.  Jesus should be the subject of your conversation, the desire of your heart, and the passion of your life.  If something else takes the place of that it is idolatry and I don’t care if that idol is Alabama or Auburn, Georgia or Florida.  The most exciting day of the week is not Saturday.  Before Sunday — let’s evaluate our priorities and make sure we are worshiping the King of kings and the Lord of lords. 

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