Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Message

Luke 1:37... For with  God nothing will be impossible.
    As we read the Christmas story tonight we will once again be reminded of angels, shepherds, a carpenter's son named Joseph, a young girl named Mary, a baby boy named Jesus, and a caravan of traveler's bring gifts.  For many people that is the scene of Christmas.  The message is one of peace and salvation.        
However, there is a deeper truth that stands out in the Christmas story that I want to bring to the front.
    Think with me for a moment.  Mary was probably 13 or 14 ... the angel's visit had been more than a bit of a surprise ... and his announcement more than unbelievable.  No one could blame Mary for having a question or two.  "How could I have a child," she wondered, "when I have known no man?"
     It is important to note that Mary's question reflects her confidence in God to perform the miracle.  She was not asking for a sign.  She was enquiring how ... not if... God would perform this miracle.
   The angel explained that "the Holy Spirit will come upon you (Luke 1:35),  and told her of Elizabeth's miraculous birth (v.36).  Then the angel said, "for with God nothing will be impossible."

 Mary replied, "Behold the maidservant of the Lord!  Let it be unto me according to you word (v38).

   This is the Christmas message I want you to hear.... this is the message many need to hear.  Christmas is about peace, joy, and salvation....but Christmas is also about TRUST.  Peace, joy, and salvation are only possible as we TRUST God to accomplish His purpose and plan.  God's purposes for us far exceed our human abilities to accomplish them.  Our efforts can't succeed apart from Him, and that's exactly how God intends it to be.  When God reveals His plans, He is also promising to fulfill them.  TRUST Him -- and remember, with God, nothing is impossible.

Merry Christmas

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