Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hello, my name is church

Hello, My Name Is Church

Hello my name is church,
I'm sure you've heard a lot about me. I have no shortage of critics. Perhaps you have heard that I am...
Boring Shallow Cheap A waste of time
You've heard that I am full of:
Hypocrites Clowns Greedy people The self-righteous
Maybe you have visited me before and discovered:
Horrible music Passionless singing Dry preaching Rude congregants
Maybe you needed me and I was:
Too busy Too "righteous" Too broke Too blind
Maybe you joined me and found I was:
Distant Demanding Dull Preoccupied
Maybe you tried to serve in me but were caught off guard by:
Business meetings Committees Teams Bureaucracy
Maybe you left and were surprised that nobody:
Called Cared Noticed Invited you back
Perhaps your experience has driven you to:
Speak negatively of me Swear to never come back to me Proclaim that no one needs me Believe you're better off without me
If this is true, I have something to say to you:
I'm sorry I was wrong I blew it I made a huge mistake
But remember, I never said my name was:
Perfect Flawless Complete Arrived
My name is church. I welcome the:
Hypocrite Dry Self-righteous Shallow
I welcome the
Sincere Passionate Forgiving Selfless
I cannot shut my doors to the people who make you:
Angry Uncomfortable Impatient Self-conscious
But I would remind you that we couldn't always worship in the same room. In the Old Testament there was a division between the:
Gentile Jew Man Woman
In order for us to all worship in the same room Christ was:
Shamed Beaten Killed Resurrected
Which is far worse than being:
Bored Uncomfortable Embarrassed Ignored
So why not come back to church and let all of these messed up people:
Challenge you Sharpen you Strengthen you Humble you
I can't promise you that the people will be great. This is church. It's not:
Heaven Paradise Beulah Land The Celestial city
Come back.
God wants you here. The body needs you here. The world needs your witness here. You belong here.
Hello, my name is church.
I miss you.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Can't wait to see you.
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