Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Courage to be a Godly man...

Dr. Crawford Loritts ...53 leadership quotes about the courage needed to be a Godly man:

1. Spiritual gifts are not a path to self-discovery. The only reason is for the wholeness and the blessing of the body of Christ.

2. Adversity and inadequacies are gifts from God.

3. What you don’t have forces us to rely on God.

4. God hits straight licks with crooked sticks.

5. Having gaps does not limit what God can do.

6. It is a miracle God would use me to do anything.

7. It is more important for us to have a big vision for God than it is for us to be looking at if we’re capable of something.

8. We all are deficient.

9. Spurgeon struggled with depression his whole ministry. Feeling of worthlessness.

10. Listen to God speaking through your wife.

11. No one can be the husband of your wife but you. No one can be the father of your children but you.

12. Some of us get in trouble not because of the work but other things.

13. You have to speak in one voice as a couple.

14. It is the wife and mother that creates the environment that creates the attitude about dad.

15. If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. If daddy ain’t happy, nobody cares.

16. Kids need to know there are justifiable sacrifices.

17. It takes courage to be a man.

18. Nothing in life happens apart from courage.

19. There is no movement in life apart from courage.

20. Somebody has to own the responsibility to do something. That is the role of being a husband and father. Someone has to go to a place nobody wants to go so others can arrive at a place they always wanted to be.

21. Great disclosure comes greater responsibility.

22. Great understanding brings greater accountability.

23. The first pillar of courage rests upon a clear assignment from God.

24. When a man of God dies nothing of God dies. Don’t get arrogant.

25. Our hearts are to be filled with what God wants done apart from our personalities and feelings.

26. There is no such thing as courage apart from clarity.

27. Faith does not exist apart from opposition.

28. You are courageous for something. There is an assignment from God. There is something that needs to be done.

29. Courage is always in the verb position. It is always moving somewhere.

30. If you are the head of your household, God expects us to listen to Him and do what needs to be done inside that house.

31. Seek God’s will about our lives. Why are we here? What were we born for? What are our assignments? What is He telling us to do? Too many of us are too passive.

32. Courage rests upon the assurance of God’s presence.

33. God never called anyone to do anything in the Scriptures that you don’t see a promise of His presence. When you do what He wants you to do, there is a manifestation of His presence.

34. God’s will and God’s plan is about the manifestation of Himself. Your neck is not on the line.

35. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the direction of your fear.

36. Don’t ever follow anyone who never said they were never afraid. That person is an idiot.

37. If you fear God more than people, you will always come out courageous.

38. Courage rests upon on focused determination.

39. God does not negotiate with Joshua whether he is courageous enough to handle the assignment. He commands him to be courageous.

40. If you act with courage, you’re going to get courage. Don’t wait to feel like you have it.

41. Courage is like a muscle. It gets stronger when you exercise it.

42. Leadership is not for the faint of heart. The devil is not sitting back while we determine to raise Godly kids. He is going to come after you. You are on the right target when you are being shot at.

43. Success and failure is really in your hands.

44. Your success or failure is determined by your relationship to the Word of God.

45. A leader means you are a portrait of the desired destination at which others should wish to arrive. We’ve got to be it.

46. Our culture and society is going down the crapper because we have ignored Truth.

47. You’ve got to proclaim Truth. You’ve got to possess Truth.

48. When they cut you, you ought to bleed Bible. – Tony Evans

49. You’ve got to practice Truth.

50. Leadership in the Bible is all about character because the leader needs to be worth following.

51. People follow you because of who you are.

52. We’ve got to organize our life based upon what God is calling us to do and be.

53. Pull the trigger. Get up and act. Take responsibility. Apologize for where we have been passive with our wives and kids.

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